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Proutist Universal has various federations to focus on various issues. Each of these federations focus on the issues related to its respective domain.

These federations are
1. Universal Proutist Student’s Federation – Universal Proutist Student’s Federation or UPSF deals with issues related to student’s and our education system. For more details visit UPSF website

2. Universal Proutist Youth Federation – Universal Proutist Youth Federation or UPYF deals with issues concerning our youth. For more details visit UPYF website

3. Universal Proutist Farmers’ Federation – Agriculture is a very important part of any sound economic system and society. UPFF or Universal Proutist Farmers’ Federation works on the issues related to farmers and agriculture. For more details visit UPFF website

4. Universal Proutist Labor Federation – UPLF works on labor related issues. For more details visit UPLF website

5. Universal Proutist Intellectual Federation – Intellectuals have a very important role to play in bringing any positive change in the society. UPIF is the federations of intellectuals where they discuss and brainstorm about the burning issues of today and discuss about the possible solutions for the problems. For more details visit UPIF website

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