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What is Proutist Universal®?

Proutist Universal is a global, non-profit, charitable, educational organization of individual members; local units, affiliated federations and programs and service activities.  The first program formed by the organization, was a federation in 1959 called Universal Proutist Student Federation(UPSF). UPSF is the body of Proutist Universal which deals with issues related to Students. Proutist Universal has volunteers and members on every continent. Its global headquarters is in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Mission Statement of Proutist Universal

The mission of Proutist Universal is:  “To promote and implement PROUT – Progressive Utilization Theory, a new socio-economic paradigm. Through educational efforts and materials, social movements and activities of its various programs, Proutist Universal seeks to ensure the fulfillment of basic-needs-for-all, an exploitation-free society, ethical leadership, and the implementation of economic democracy – for the welfare and happiness of all.”

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